45 head of Angus/Brangus, Charolais & Beefmaster Bred Cows, #1003
45 head of Angus/Brangus, Charolais & Beefmaster Bred Cows, #1003
October 3, 2019
Red Poll Bull, #20704
Red Poll Bull, #20704
October 7, 2019
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20 head of 2-6 year old Angus & Angus Cross Exposed Cows, #1007


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-20 head of 2-6-year-old Angus & Angus Cross exposed cows for sale. These are young wet bag cows that will be running back with a registered black Angus bull. All of these girls have had a calf before and will be wet bag and just pulled a calf off. 16 will be 2-4-year olds and 4 are 5-6 year olds. They’ve got lots of calf raising left to do!  They’ll weigh on average 900 lbs and will make some high dollar bred cows next spring when they’re slick and fat. They’ve had all of their vaccines including lepto/vibrio, multimin 90, and injectable dewormer. They’re cube, hot wire & dog broke as well. They would be ideal cattle to be out on a grain field this winter. They were out with the bull at the first of October. The bull is an own son of O’Reilly Factor and is for sale as well for $1900 with the cows. He is papered and guaranteed in every way. They’ll be $825/head and we’ll throw in free delivery on a buyer taking all cows within 150 miles of Temple, TX.

-Cattle will not be held on reserve without a 10% deposit. The remaining amount can be invoiced or paid at pickup.

-Shipping not included. Call for rate prior to delivery.

*Call Andrew at (254) 931-8910 with questions*

Pay a 10% deposit per item
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Age: 2-6 years

Weight: 900 lbs (average)

Docility (10 being extremely gentle): D6-D9

Location: Temple, TX

Price: $825/head – Buyer takes all with free delivery within 150 miles of Temple, TX.