Bulk Cattle Feed, #0314
Bulk Cattle Feed, #0314
March 16, 2020
Female Yellow Bay Pup, #Purple Collar
Female Yellow Bay Pup, #Purple Collar
December 11, 2020
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Female Yellow Bay Pup, #Pink Collar


-These dogs are 9-10 months old and were bred to work cattle….period. The are starting to bay, windmill and they’re will be tough on a run off cow. We’ve used Frank as our stud dog for a while with good success because of his grit, athletic ability, herding instinct and the handle he passes on. These dogs will come with a little more hybrid vigor than your regular cur, along with being a bit more stretched out to see over taller grass and have a little more lung capacity. We’ve had lots of customers make pets out of them too and have heard nothing but great things with several repeat buyers. These are NOT finished dogs but they have everything in them to be excellent working bay dogs for a long time to come!

Call 254-931-8910 or go to www.ribearcattle.com to see more videos.

-Cattle will not be held on reserve without a 10% deposit. The remaining amount can be invoiced or paid at pickup.

-Shipping not included. Call for rate prior to delivery.

Pay a 10% deposit per item
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Age: 9-10 months

Dam: Full Black mouth Cur

Sire: Frank – 1/2 Mountain Cur, 1/4 Blue Lacy, 1/4 Catahoula

Location: Temple, TX

Price: $500 or more than 1 pup for $450/head