Bulk Cattle Feed, #0314
Bulk Cattle Feed, #0314
March 16, 2020
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September 14, 2022
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Custom Stocker Calves or Replacement Heifers – PRE ORDER

If you looking for some stocker calves or replacements, we’d sure love to help you out.  We can special order buy exactly what you need.  Just let us know what that is!  From stretched out yearlin’s with all the bells and whistles to fleshy discounted balling calves, we can fit whatever type of cattle that fits your needs.

Custom processing, branding and shipping is available.  We can help arrange preconditioning if needed. On special orders of stocker calves, a 20% deposit is required as well as daily yardage fees until cattle are picked up or yarded out.  Give us a shout for more details. Thanks!


250 weight heifers and steers 1s

350 weight heifers. 1s

350 weight heifers 1 1/2-2s

350 weight steers/bulls 1s

350 weight steers/bulls 1 1/2-2s

450 weight heifers 1s

450 weight heifers 1 1/2-2s

450 weight steers/bulls 1s

450 weight steers/bulls 1 1/2-2s

550 weight heifers 1s

550 weight heifers 1 1/2-2s

550 weight steers /bulls 1s

550 weight bulls 1 1/2-2s

650 weight heifers 1s

650 weight heifers 1 1/12-2s

650 weight steers 1s

650 weight bullls

750 weight steers

750 weight heifers

800+ cutter bulls

Replacement heifers any weight, any breed.

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