Angus Bull, #24034
Angus Bull, #24034
November 17, 2020
Horned Hereford Bull, #25351
Horned Hereford Bull, #25351
November 27, 2020
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16 super fancy front pasture bred Brahman heifers, #1126


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-16 super fancy front pasture bred Brahman heifers. These girls will be bred to a registered Bonn Ranch Horned Hereford bull.  They were ultrasounded by Shana Thoms, DVM on 09.28.20 and will calve Feb-May 2021.  Heifers were weighing 1,065 pounds at that time.  They are clean headed and have an 8 year brand on right hip.  No other marks or brands.  They’ll pen easily with a trip hopper and siren.  You’ll look long and hard and still be hard pressed to find a set of grays Brahmans with confirmation and docility like these high class girls have.  A one-raising set that’ll be with you a long time!!


-Cattle will not be held on reserve without a 10% deposit. The remaining amount can be invoiced or paid at pickup.


-Shipping not included. Call for rate prior to delivery.


*Call Andrew at (254) 931-8910 with questions*

Pay a 10% deposit per item
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Due: February, 2021 – May, 2021


Age:  Heifer


Weight:  1065 lbs (average)


Location: Temple, TX


Price: Take the group of 16 for $2700/head with free delivery the first 100 miles of Temple, TX.