25 head of Black Angus and black motley face cows #0512
30 head of Black Angus and black motley face cows #0512
May 12, 2022
3 Year Old Filly #Sue
3-Year-Old Filly, #Sue
May 13, 2022
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Beef Heifer, #28975


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-Here’s a straight black Angus heifer that is ready for the freezer. Save some money and buy local beef and get custom cuts! We’ll sell a half or whole. Typically a fed beef will retail out at your grocery store for over $5500. Take her for under half of that. She’s a Heifer that will weigh 1040 lbs. We’ll sell her whole at $1425 or Half $712.5. Pick up in Temple, TX and haul to the processor of your choice. Just give us a shout or shoot us a text. See video at www.ribearcattle.com or call/text 254-931-8910 thanks!

-Cattle will only be held with a 10% deposit.

-Shipping not included. Call for rate prior to delivery.

*Call Andrew at (254) 931-8910 with questions*

Pay a 10% deposit per item
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Age: Heifer
Weight: 1040lbs
Location: Temple,Tx
Price: Whole/$1425