15 Year Old Red Roan Grandson Of Peptoboonsmal #Boon
15 Year Old Red Roan Grandson Of Peptoboonsmal #Boone
October 4, 2023
3 Fancy Bred Red Cows, #1006
3 Fancy Bred Red Cows, #1006
October 6, 2023
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50 Head of Solid Colored Corriente Cows and Calves, #1006

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Complete herd dispersal!!  50 head of 6 years to solid mouth good solid colored corriente cows with Charolais and Angus sired calves at their sides.  Calves will be anywhere from newborn up to 400 lbs and they are as good of corriente/beef cross calves as you will find anywhere.  There is not a spotted cow one in the group and the herd has been managed well.  They’ve been on the same ranch the last three years and have been culled regularly for barren cows, wild cows, etc.  The cows will weigh approximately 825 lbs. and are all off of two places originally and are carrying two different brands. Some of these cows will be bred back to the same bulls. These calves will bring the money, cows are in great flesh, they’ll come running to the horn and they’re horse broke too.  It’s hard to find Corriente’s this good and in one place. These are the money making kind, and if you’re into that kind you need to be looking at these!  Take the 50 or so pairs for $1225/pair. Located in San Saba, TX. See video or pics at www.ribearcattle.com or call/text 254-931-8910 thanks!

*Call Andrew at (254) 931-8910 with questions*

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 Age:6- Solid Mouth

Weight: 825Lbs on Average

Location: San Saba, TX

Price: Take the 50 or so pairs for $1225/pair.