6 Horned Hereford Heifers, #06024
6 Horned Hereford Heifers, #06024
June 2, 2021
Registered APHA Mare, Rolo
Registered APHA Mare, Rolo
June 11, 2021
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11 Hereford pairs, bred and exposed cows, #0603


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– 11 Hereford pairs, bred and exposed cows for sale.  In the group will be seven pairs with F1 or Hereford calves at their side, two bred cows due for calving November/December and two exposed cows.  Pairs and the exposed cows as well as the short bred cows have been running with the Brahman bull pictured.  They’ll be aged 2-5 years old with one solid mouth in the group.  Calves are tagged to the mother and everything has recently been worked with CattleMaster Gold, Staybred VL5, Pilliguard Pinkeye, Ivermectrin Injectable and Multimin 90 and are turn out ready. They’ll come to cubes and are hotwire broke.  Take the set of 11 cows, seven calves for $1175/pair or head with free delivery the first 75 miles of Temple, TX. There is at least one F1 tigerstripe heifer in the group.  Calves will weigh 125-400 and most of the calves are Hereford sired.  See video at www.ribearcattle.com or all/text 254-931-8910 thanks!


-Cattle will be held with a 10% deposit.


-Shipping not included. Call for rate prior to delivery.


*Call Andrew at (254) 931-8910 with questions*

Pay a 10% deposit per item
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Due: November, 2021 – December, 2021

Age: 2-5 years with one solid

Weight: Cows – 900 lbs (average), calves – 125-400 lbs (average)

Location: Temple, TX

Price: $1175/head or pair – take the group of 11 cows, seven calves with free delivery the first 75 miles of Temple, TX.